How Can I Protect My Sexual Wellness as a Teenager?

Sexual Wellness | Resurgence Wellness | Arlington, TX

Sexual wellness is essential for most, if not all, of us. We consider this aspect somewhat sacred, like a treasure to some; however, because of today’s technology, especially what we see in social media platforms and, basically, the world wide web. We get access to almost every piece of information, including profanity and sexuality. And […]

5 Ways Resurgence Wellness Can Help Your Sexual Wellness

Sexual Wellness | Resurgence Wellness | Arlington, TX

When you think of sexual wellness what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you think of improved performance in the bedroom? A pill that helps you with ED?  Yes, sexual wellness does include helping those perform better in the bedroom, but it isn’t just that.  Sexual wellness encompasses many different aspects of […]

How To Maintain Sexual Wellness

Romantic time of Couples | Sexual Wellness | Resurgence Wellness in Arlington, TX

Oh, to have the spunk and libido we had as a developing young adult. Feeling that spark and intimacy with a partner without fear of underperforming or embarrassment was something that never crossed our minds.  Now, as we have gotten older, we’ve started experiencing what age can really do to our bodies.  It’s a fact […]

Everything you need to know about improving your sex life

Sex Life | Resurgence Wellness | Arlington, TX

Between the advertising for perfume ads, couples only resorts and the happy older couples on Erectile Dysfunction ads, you’d think the whole world was out there making mad passionate love. Or at least trying to. And if you’re not, there must be something wrong with you, right? Wrong. As medical professionals who treat clients for […]

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