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2701 Matlock Rd, #105 Arlington, Texas


“I cannot say enough good words for the clinic and staff. Wow! They are so knowledgeable and answered all of my questions in a succinct and easy to understand manner. The facility is state of the art and the waiting room was perfect with complimentary snacks and beverages. I have never seen such a first class operation. They were all super friendly and I am so anxious to get my health back in order. I feel so confident that I found the facility and staff that will help me achieve my wellness goals and needs!”

Brodie B.

“The facility is beautiful and clean, the staff are also beautiful and incredibly nice, and they made us all feel comfortable, even my 4 year old who tagged along. No additional services were pushed on us, which is a big score for me personally, however, we were informed of other services available to us. The prices are affordable, and I'd certainly recommend this place to everyone!”

Chelle D.

“I’m a skeptic about everything, but let me tell you that I feel great..not just great but absolutely wonderful! I haven’t felt this good and had this much energy in a long while! I’m hooked and definitely going to make this a habit! To top it off, the nurses are amazing!”

Tracy W.


2701 Matlock Rd, #105 Arlington, Texas

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