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Top 5 Reasons to Visit a Medical Spa Near Me

medical spa near me

Top 5 Reasons to Visit a Medical Spa Near Me

When you think of the word spa, does your mind automatically go to fluffy robes, saunas, massages, and cucumber water? We thought so. What about when we say Medical Spa? Does anything come to mind? 

Here are a few words that describe how you’ll feel at our Medical Spa, Resurgence Wellness:

  • Replenished
  • Refreshed
  • Renewed
  • Rejuvenated

What is a Medical Spa?

Our medical spa or medspa is the marriage of a day spa and medical facility that performs nonsurgical aesthetic, and sometimes, alternative services.  A medical spa is overseen by a medical director, whereas a typical day spa is not.  

Treatments performed at medspas vary depending on the facility and range from aesthetic services such as fillers, injections, to body shaping, contouring, weight management, facials, and chemical peels. In addition, some medspas offer chiropractic services, hormone therapy, sexual wellness, and alternative medical services as well.

If you’ve never visited a medical spa, we highly suggest you put that on your to-do list. Why? Here are just 5 of the endless reasons why you should! 

medical spa near me

Skin Rejuvenation

Over-the-counter facial treatments just don’t cut it. If you want the best, most advanced skincare products, a medical spa is where you’ll find them. Customized facials leave your skin smooth and fresh, while chemical peels restore and boost collagen production.  Any aesthetic treatment performed by our medical providers will always leave you feeling glowing and renewed. 

You’ll work with expert skincare specialists who will help you tackle any issue you have, from blackheads or acne to dry, oily or aging skin. 

Enhanced Beauty

Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to plump, youthful skin.  Injectables like Botox and Xeomin relax the facial muscles and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, while dermal fillers add volume and fullness to the face! 

We also offer Kybella, which is an FDA-approved treatment for the dreaded double chin! Kybella dissolves fat permanently and leaves you with a sculpted and contoured chin and neck! 

These types of aesthetics treatments are only performed in places like Resurgence Wellness because you need licensed and certified medical providers to oversee them and ensure they are completed correctly!

Body Sculpting & Weight Management that Give You a Confidence Boost!

Medspas are an incredible place to seek help with weight management! Nutrition, proper supplements, and a customized eating plan will help you reach your goals in a safe and encouraging environment! In addition, you’ll be guided by medical providers trained in weight management and healthy living.

If you’ve reached your goals but still need an extra boost to your confidence, we offer body sculpting treatments like CoolSculpting, Exilis, Emsculpt, and SculpSure. These treatments help get rid of stubborn fat, while toning and tightening so you can look as good as you feel! 

Pairing weight management and body sculpting treatments are a match made in heaven! 

Improved Sexual Wellness

Don’t think that just because you’re getting older means, you can’t live a fulfilling and happy sex life. Our medical providers can help you find your balance with hormone therapy and regenerative medicine practices, as well as sexual wellness treatments like GAINSWave and Femiwave. Along with guidance from medical providers trained to help you live a happier, healthier life. 

Let Resurgence Help You Own the Day! 

Here at Resurgence Wellness, we strive to help our patients own the day.  We offer a wide variety of services performed by our dedicated medical providers  Whether you need aesthetic services, IV treatments, weight management guidance, or overall health management services, we are here for you.  We encourage you to explore our website and schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs, wants and goals! We look forward to helping you feel better, look better and live a more confident, healthy lifestyle! 

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