Personalized Medicine

The health and wellness of our clients is our No. 1 priority. For that reason, we take a individualized and customized approach to each client who walks through our door or calls our clinic.

What do you mean by personalized medicine?

  • Personalized medicine means treating you where you want to be treated: whether it’s at
    our clinic, your place of employment, your home or online through our various
    telemedicine capabilities. The focus is on what’s convenient for you, the client.
  • Personalized medicine comes in the specific treatment plans we create for each client.
  • Personalized medicine means offering multiple types of treatment options for clients
    including traditional medical treatments and holistic, all-natural therapies as well.

And the ultimate in personalized medicine is the concept of concierge medicine.

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An example:

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You want to make an appointment to see your primary care provider. Because of how busy they are, it may take a day or two to get back to you, depending on the situation. Once they get back to you, you may not be able to get in to see your provider in a timely manner.

One alternative would be to visit an urgent care or emergency room where you may wait for hours and incur unnecessary medical costs.

Instead, picture this scenario:

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With our concierge medicine membership option, you are gaining access to one of our medical professionals 24/7, a direct cell phone that allows you to connect with the provider directly, same-day appointments and same day visits in the location of your choice. If you travel often, we will also serve as your on-call medical expert, no matter where you are.