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Frustrated by the numbers on the scale or the person staring back at you in the mirror? Diet and exercise not producing your desired results?
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Traditional weight loss plans usually consist of dieting and other restrictions that aren’t realistic for most people to sustain long-term. This is why we focus on weight management instead. Our plans are centered around long-term, realistic behavior modification and sustainable lifestyle changes.

We do use medications, medical grade supplements and/or Skinny Shots (also called Mic injections) in order to jump start your progress.

Skinny Shots vs RW-45 Shots

Skinny Shots are made up of immune boosting RW-45 plus fat-busting and metabolism-increasing amino acids to help eliminate fat and improve your metabolism. If you’re not ready to commit to a weight management plan just yet, they can be a great start towards reaching your weight loss goals.

We also offer RW-45 injections which people often confuse as the same thing as a skinny shot.

Both have great health benefits. Learn more about which one is right for your health and wellness goals. 

A 360-degree approach

Our medical professionals take a 360-degree approach to creating a customized weight management plan that fits with your lifestyle and your desired goals. Whether your goals focus on simply weight loss or a physician has recommended weight loss as a therapeutic measure to help a health diagnosis, we take everything into consideration.

Our process includes:

  1. A consultation with one of our medical professionals to discuss your concerns, health history, genetic background and desired outcomes.
  2. Comprehensive blood work and DNA testing to identify potential hormone imbalances, inflammation or other sources of problems that may be negatively affecting your weight.
  3. A Fit 3-D Body scan to measure the makeup of your entire body.

Meet one of our weight management secret weapons – The Fit 3-D machine. In less than a minute, it creates a 360-degree 3D scan of your body that measures body fat percentage, lean muscle mass and more, by specific body parts.

After collecting this information, our medical professionals will create your plan that may include a combination of dietary and exercise recommendations, prescription medication, medical grade supplements and/or hormone therapy.

Depending on your goals and body makeup, we may also recommend some of our body sculpting treatment options. 

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Make a commitment to a healthier you

Because behavior modification and lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight, the most cost-effective way to lose your desired weight is to join one of our weight management membership plans.

While our weight management membership plans can be customized, the most effective plan includes*:

  • Weekly progress checks with our Fit 3D machine
  • 8 Skinny Shots per month
  • Regular medical professional consultations
  • Meal planning and exercise recommendations, if needed
  • More than 50 options for prescription for appetite suppressants
    and monthly amino acids

*Requires 4 month commitment.

It is possible to pay for these products and services separately, but you’ll save money and get better results by signing up for a membership. We also run monthly specials that offer savings on a number of our services and treatments.


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