B12 Shots VS Skinny Shots – What Are The Differences?

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When you scroll through social media, watch TV, or talk to your friends, you may have heard the phrases “B12 Shot” or “Skinny Shot.”  These wellness shots are known tools to aid in energy, weight loss, and other health conditions, but what is the difference, and are these shots right for you? 

Here at Resurgence Wellness, we’ve got insight on B12 vs. Skinny Shots. We believe that education is the key to living an optimal life. Knowing what is going into your body and why will help you make better lifestyle and health decisions. 

Did you know there was a difference?  Many people use these terms interchangeably, but both injections are used for different reasons and contain different formulas! 

Let’s break down the difference between the 2 treatments so that you can better understand which treatment is best for you!

B12 Shots

As the name states, B12 shots are just that. B12 is a vital nutrient needed in the body that helps keep the red blood cells oxygenated and regulated. 

B12 deficiency is a common health issue and affects millions of people. For example, a person might be B12 deficient because of stomach and digestion issues, cancer, infections, or poor nutrition. Those who live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle are also at risk of becoming B12 deficient because they don’t eat meat, and meat naturally produces B12. 

When you are deficient in B12, you can become anemic, which means your red blood cells aren’t producing enough oxygen, leading to exhaustion, breathing problems, weakness, headaches, and more. 

People usually tie B12 and energy together, which is true to a point. Those suffering from B12 deficiency will usually see increased energy, improved sleep, less brain fog, and more after treatment.

Those who do not suffer from this deficiency might not see a massive difference because the body will just eliminate the leftover B12 that it doesn’t need. However, it is becoming more common to get injections on a regular basis as maintenance for a healthy lifestyle. 

Skinny Shot

If you’re looking to aid in weight loss, burn fat, increase your metabolism, and have the added benefits of a B12 shot, then the Skinny Shot is right for you. 

This treatment is also known as a MIC injection or lipotropic injection because it involves essential amino acids that combine to burn fat and increase metabolism. 

MIC stands for the following amino acids:

Methionine – Improves the digestive process and helps detox the liver (de-fats the liver). 

Inositol – Helps maintain electrolyte balance and transfers nutrients.

Choline – Assists weight control and aids in keeping balanced, healthy cholesterol levels.

The formula combines the MIC amino acids with B12 to create the “Skinny Shot.”

Typically given once or twice a week, those who get the shot will enjoy: 

  • Increased energy
  • Increased metabolism
  • Restful sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Improved mental clarity 
  • Improved digestion
  • 100% absorption (delivered right to the bloodstream) 

Working out and eating healthy might not be getting you exactly where you want to be; these skinny shots might be the secret ingredient you’re looking for! 

Like we said above, your body needs the right balance of vitamins and nutrients to perform optimally, and with this added boost, you can take your weight loss to the next level AND enjoy the added various benefits of these essential vitamins and nutrients as well. 

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