How Can I Protect My Sexual Wellness as a Teenager?

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Sexual wellness is essential for most, if not all, of us. We consider this aspect somewhat sacred, like a treasure to some; however, because of today’s technology, especially what we see in social media platforms and, basically, the world wide web. We get access to almost every piece of information, including profanity and sexuality. And when we say all of us, we mean all, including the youth.

Today, let us discuss sexual wellness and how teenagers can be protected from factors that try to exploit it.

What is Sexual Wellness?

Sexual wellness can be defined as a blend of physical, mental, and social well-being that connects with sexuality. Growing awareness regarding sexual wellness inspires a positive and respectful approach involving sexuality and sexual relationships.

Sexual wellness can be defined as a blend of physical, mental, and social well-being that connects with sexuality. Growing awareness regarding sexual wellness inspires a positive and respectful approach involving sexuality and sexual relationships. 

This aspect also ensures that couples involved go for a safe and pleasurable experience without coercion, poor discrimination, and violence. Better exposure would also lessen the chance of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or STDs or getting pregnant in an unwanted way.

Sexual Wellness – Increasing Vitality, Improving Lifestyle

Recent years have witnessed much more openness in the approach toward sexual wellness. This idea is mainly due to the increased exposure to various sex educations, consultation with experts, growing awareness regarding safe sex, and better inclusion of sex-related products in the discussion. It used to be a taboo, a hush-hush affair that used to be discussed behind closed doors, and often people were reluctant to seek the advice of an expert. 

People have realized the downsides of keeping it a secret and are more open to experiments. It has several health benefits but can also be a portal for diseases. That is why openness is more required.

Sexual Wellness – Latest Innovations

Sexual wellness has emerged as a type of self-care where people. The openness that recent times are witnessing about the sexual act has given rise to the use of sex toys and sex objects. This idea has played well for the global sexual wellness market. 

Recent innovations from manufacturers of quality sex products promise a better experience as they can stimulate nerves during the act. Now, there are hands-free vibrators that aim at providing a heightened experience where partners can use the remote control to increase pleasure. 

Some sexual wellness experts came up with an “on-the-go” kit with everything needed to have a pleasurable experience. Others have taken these measures further by introducing cannabidiol products that can increase performance and provide a better experience.

Hell-O: Saying Yes to a Brand-New Sex Life

Nowadays, experts believe life is too short to fake, if you know what we mean. If you’re experiencing problems with your sexual wellness, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re experiencing a loss or decline in libido or things aren’t functioning as they should, you can now have several solutions for men and women to bring intimacy and pleasure back to your relationship.

If you’re embarrassed, don’t be. This innovation is something medical professionals treat daily. Because no matter your age, you deserve an active and fulfilling love life.

Sexual Wellness Treatment Options

Before sexual wellness treatment options are recommended, experts will first schedule an in-depth consultation with our medical professionals, including blood work and potentially other tests, so that we can recommend the most effective treatment for you.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

While experts have specific treatment options for men and women, hormone replacement therapy can be used with men and women.

Estrogen and testosterone are the most common hormones related to sexual function. A lower or higher level outside the normal range for each can cause problems with your libido and vaginal dryness in women.

Hormone levels are measured through a simple blood test, and if hormone levels appear to be the issue, hormone replacement therapy/hormone optimization may be recommended.

We also have sexual wellness treatment options specific to men and women:

Sexual wellness treatments for men


An all-natural, clinically proven, non-invasive treatment option for the following:

  • Erectile dysfunction relief
  • Improved sensitivity and sexual performance
  • Enhanced erections
  • Peyronie’s disease

This sexual wellness treatment option uses high-frequency acoustic shockwave therapy to increase blood flow to the penis, remove micro plaque and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels. Breaking up the plaque formation in the blood vessels and encouraging the development of new blood vessels in the penis increases the overall blood flow to the penis.


The Priapus Shot, or P-shot, can help men suffering from:

  • Inability to attain or maintain erections
  • Loss of sensation in the penis
  • Incomplete erection or diminished sexual stamina during sex

It’s a simple, nonsurgical sexual wellness procedure where platelet-rich plasma or PRP from your blood is injected into your penile tissues. This step is done to promote penile tissue growth resulting in better erections.

PDE5 Inhibitors

Better known as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra, these prescription medications relax the penis muscle and encourage blood vessels to widen, allowing blood to flow more freely, including to the penis.

Sexual wellness treatments for women


A sexual wellness procedure comparable to Gainswave for men, acoustic wave therapy increases blood flow and restores sensation and natural lubrication to the vagina.


The orgasm shot or O-Shot can help:

  • Improve sensation in the vagina and surrounding areas
  • Increase the chance of orgasm
  • Decrease vaginal dryness
  • Reduce urinary incontinence

It’s a simple, nonsurgical procedure where platelet-rich plasma or PRP from your blood is injected into specific areas around the vagina. The platelets naturally attract your stem cells to the injected area and generate healthier and more functional tissue in the areas of sexual response in the vagina.


This sexual wellness option is a prescription drug approved by the FDA to treat a lack of sexual desire in pre-menopausal women. It’s injected in the abdomen or thigh at least 45 minutes before you intend to have sex. Results have been shown to improve a woman’s self-reported desire and lowering distress around having sex.

Final Thoughts on Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness and its protection can readily be achieved even as a teenager. Consult experts and trusted advisors to equip yourself with everything you’ll need to take care of your sexual wellness.

Do you want help with your sexual wellness? Our great friends at Resurgence Wellness can help you today. Visit them now!


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