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Owning a business has many facets. One of those facets is your employee’s health and safety on the job. 

No matter what industry you serve, there are always needs for health screenings, drug tests, work clearances, and more. 

Your employees are your main asset, and without them, there is no business. Partnering with a health clinic (like us) to provide occupational health services means that you are putting your employee’s health, wellness, and safety as a priority.

What exactly is involved with occupational health services, and what benefits does utilizing this service provide? 

Keep reading to find out! 

What Is Occupational Health?

Occupational health focuses on the health and wellness of employees in the workplace. 

It is about creating a safe and healthy work environment that allows employees to thrive and help your business grow. 

It’s not just about addressing a situation after an injury or an incident occurs. Occupational health is also about preventing future injuries and accidents through better health and safety management protocols and access to resources.

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Benefits Of Occupational Health Services

When you are able to give your employees access to screenings, testing and other health care, you are letting them know they are a priority in your business. They feel valued and appreciated because you are ensuring they have all the tools and resources they need to perform their tasks. 

Having occupational services available also means that you are telling them that it is okay to seek medical help when needed and not to work through any pain or injuries. Addressing a medical issue early on can prevent the worsening of the issue or injury and cause it to be a more serious problem. 

A few other benefits of occupational health services include:

  • Less absenteeism due to injury or illness
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced focus on staff wellbeing
  • Lessened the chance of liability issues
  • Improvement in staff retention (less turnover)
  • Boosted employee morale 

On the business side, occupational health services ensure that you have staff able to perform at the top of their game for your business. You can avoid serious violations with OHSA, reduce the risk of accident and injury that causes absenteeism, and much more. 

Occupational Health Services That Resurgence Wellness Provides

We believe that employees deserve a safe and healthy work environment in which to thrive and in turn help you run your business. That is why we have enjoyed serving DFW area businesses (and surrounding areas) onsite at their workplace or here in our wellness clinic. 

We are able to work with employees from the pre-hiring phase all the way through their life at the company. 

Our occupational health services include: 

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals
  • Drug testing
  • Fit mask testing
  • Work clearances
  • OSHA training
  • Health assessments 
  • Variety of testing services

More About Resurgence Wellness

Along with our occupational health services, we provide a multitude of other health, wellness and aesthetic services. From regenerative medicine to facials to IV therapy, we have something for everyone. 

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To learn more about our occupational health services or any of our other services and what we can do to help your employees, schedule a consultation with our healthcare professionals today!


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