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As we age our bodies begin to stop functioning as well as they did when we were younger. We start to lose bone density, collagen that makes our skin look plump and youthful, and the ability to help repair cell damage quickly enough to aid in healing. 

Even though our body may not be able to do this on its own, there are medical therapies and treatments that give our body the kickstart we need to regain our healthy and happy lives! 

One of those treatments is PlaqueX IV Therapy. 

You’ve probably heard of IV therapy and how it helps people recover from hangovers, boost their immune systems, and more, but this type of IV therapy seeks to improve organ function, reduce plaque buildup and improve blood flow! 

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What Is PlaqueX IV Therapy?

PlaqueX is the common name for phosphatidylcholine. It’s a naturally occurring substance found in every cell throughout the body. This is actually what makes up most of the makeup for our cell walls. 

As we age, our cells get damaged, PlaqueX gets depleted and our bodies can’t reproduce it fast enough to repair it. 

Things like toxic substances, free radicals, pollution, high blood sugar, stress, smoking, and other harmful factors all lead to the damage of these cell walls and the depletion of PlaqueX. 

When it is depleted things like plaque buildup, organ function issues, high cholesterol, and other health conditions can start happening. 

Thankfully, there is a solution to help aid in the reintroduction of PlaqueX to the body through IV therapy. 

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PlaqueX IV Therapy

PlaqueX can be placed back into the body’s system through Intravenous Therapy. IV therapy is extremely beneficial in any use because it allows the body to absorb 99% of what is being introduced. Its efficient and fast absorption rate is due to the bypassing of the body’s digestive system directly into the bloodstream, providing the maximum amount of absorption available. 

When PlaqueX is delivered to the bloodstream it works its way through the body, breaking down the plaque buildup in the arteries and improving organ function. 

Now, this isn’t a one-and-done therapy and may take a few rounds to get the optimal results, but overall, anytime you receive PlaqueX IV therapy, you improve your health and your body! 

Benefits Of PlaqueX IV Therapy

Along with the reduction of plaque buildup in arteries and the improvement in organ function, there are several other benefits linked to PlaqueX IV Therapy. 

Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • Reduce Angina Pectoris (heart pain)
  • Prevent and treat heart disease
  • Increase GOOD cholesterol levels
  • Decrease BAD cholesterol levels
  • Improve impaired kidney function
  • Improve memory and mental function
  • Protect damaged heart muscle
  • Reduce high blood pressure

As you can see, PlaqueX plays an important role in the overall proper function of the body. This is why this type of therapy is beneficial to those who have these types of issues to help maintain a healthy lifestyle! 

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