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A great number of patients visit beauty clinics in search of a treatment for surface-level skin flaws such as lines and wrinkles, creases, age spots, and a dull complexion that is not only efficient but also easy to use. The Lumecca Intense Pulse Light (IPL) may be exactly what you are searching for if you are seeking a non-surgical skin solution that may make your skin appear dramatically brighter and more beautiful with a relatively short amount of time spent recovering from the procedure.

The Lumecca IPL treatment is a cutting-edge technology that immediately addresses and eliminates the signs of aging, such as sun exposure, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. This can be accomplished by targeting certain wavelengths of light to target specific areas of the skin. IPL users almost always report being astonished by the spectacular anti-aging benefits they could attain in a relatively short amount of time after undergoing the treatment.

IPL Lumecca 

IPL Lumecca is the most modern non-surgical, light-based skin rejuvenation system in the world, and it is designed to deliver excellent results in only a single treatment session. IPL Lumecca accomplishes the quickest clearance of enlarged pores and surface-level hyperpigmentation in clinical trials when compared to traditional IPL systems; brighter skin within one to two sessions as opposed to the four to five sessions that are generally required to see concrete results with other light-based treatment options.

What benefits may you expect to receive from IPL Lumecca?

IPL Lumecca is an excellent treatment option for getting rid of brown spots, red spots, redness, microscopic veins, and a wide variety of other imperfections that are evident on the face, neck, upper chest skin, and hands. IPL Lumecca is a light-based process that is non-ablative, which means that it treats skin tissues without destroying or injuring the skin cells. This is because the procedure is light-based. As a consequence, patients have a positive experience throughout therapy and require less time to recuperate.

Just one session of the IPL Lumecca treatment is all that is required to give you a brighter and more beautiful complexion in just ten days.

What Occurs Typically

Lumecca is a quick treatment requiring three sessions to produce the desired effects. The duration of each Lumecca treatment is around one hour. Your Lumecca treatments will be spread out over several weeks to give your body adequate time to react and heal before the next session.

During the procedure, the Lumecca will emit a brief but intense flash of light that is described as having the sensation of being stretched lightly. After treatment, it is common for patients to experience some redness and a minor heat of the skin, both of which should go away within an hour. 

It is possible that the pigmented patches on your skin will become darker during the next 48 hours. After that, the pigmented lesions will begin to flake off, which will result in an evening out of your skin tone. Within the first week, rosacea and red tints on the skin will become less noticeable and eventually go away.

You should start avoiding tanning beds and direct sunlight at least one month before your treatment so that your skin can recover properly. After treatment, continue to apply sunscreen liberally every day. If persistent spots start to reappear after prolonged sun exposure or new capillaries appear on the surface over time, certain customers may require annual touch-ups.

What is it like to go through an IPL treatment?

During the therapy, you will be awake yet allowed to relax in a comfortable position. In response to your request, a cooling gel will be applied.

The process of undergoing intense pulsed light therapy is not overly complicated, and it begins with the thorough cleaning and preparation of the treatment area. A compact handheld device that sends light pulses of a high energy level over the surface of your skin. The treatment wand has a sapphire tip designed to better reach sensitive areas around your nose. The tip also delivers cooling. The problem areas on your skin are precisely targeted by the sapphire tip, which is moved systematically along the skin’s surface.

The majority of patients are able to tolerate the procedure, which patients have described as feeling like having a rubber band flung against their skin. It is possible for a treatment to last for as little as half an hour or as long as an hour or more, depending on the size of the region that is being treated.

When can I expect to see the Results?

Skin imperfections that have been treated will begin to peel or fade away after seven to ten days, leaving behind a complexion and tone that are more uniform.

It is always possible to repair new blemishes, including age spots, freckles, and other skin imperfections that may appear in the future due to UV damage and the natural aging process. Light treatments cannot cure broken capillaries or other disorders that recur, but they can manage and reduce their severity.

What steps are involved in getting back to normal after receiving IPL treatment?

Following a session of strong pulsed light therapy, minimal to no downtime is required for recovery. Since the light pulses conduct most of their work near the skin’s surface, the most frequent impact seen after a treatment is a modest reddening of the treated area. There is a possibility that the treated area will remain red for up to an hour, but it will quickly go.

If you wish to remove vascular and pigmented skin regions, the Resurgence Wellness experts advise you on the various Lumecca treatment choices available to you. Book an appointment to experience great results as soon as possible.


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