What is QWO Cellulite Treatment, and How Does it Work?

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QWO Cellulite treatment is today’s modern approach to cellulite reduction and elimination. It is the first FDA-approved cosmetic injectable to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. Until now, the only cellulite treatments have been invasive and relatively ineffective.

Today, let us learn more about this cellulite treatment and how it works. Read until the end and discover if the QWO Cellulite treatment can also work for all your cellulite problems.

What is QWO Cellulite Treatment?

QWO Cellulite is a cutting-edge treatment that doesn’t require cutting – literally! It is an injectable medication used to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. In 2020, QWO Cellulite received FDA approval to treat moderate to tough cellulite on the buttocks of adult women.

As the first FDA-approved injectable for cellulite treatment, QWO Cellulite releases deep dimples by dissolving the fibrous bands that cause them with a simple injection of a safe drug that’s been used for years in other medical applications.

QWO Cellulite treatment is primarily composed of CCH-Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum. Collagenase clostridium histolyticum, also known as CCH, is an enzyme that breaks down collagen (precisely Type 1 and Type 3) in specific tissues to help the body create new and better-quality skin.

Important Terms to Consider


Cellulite is a complex multifactorial condition hallmarked by fat trapped in the dermal layer of your skin, leading to dimpling, waviness, “orange peel,” or “cottage cheese,” appearing skin texture and overall less smooth contour irregularity. Fibrous septae often cause dimpling.


Enzymatic Subcision and Remodeling, or ESR, describes the mechanism of action of QWO Cellulite treatment. The injectable formulation for QWO consists of two enzymes that degrade collagen molecules. When QWO is injected into the area beneath a dimple, it stimulates the initiation of ESR. 

As a process, ESR involves the enzymatic degradation of collagen-rich fibrous septae, which play a vital role in the pathophysiology of cellulite. By disrupting these subdermal fibrous structures, QWO Cellulite causes the release of cellulite-associated skin depressions and smooths the skin’s surface. 

Furthermore, QWO Cellulite stimulates the production of new collagen molecules, or the process of neocollagenesis, which further improves the appearance of the skin.

Good Candidates for QWO Cellulite

Treatments for QWO Cellulite injections are not for everyone. Remember, cellulite affects approximately 90% of females beyond puberty. Thus, it is a normal skin condition.

However, if you are bothered by cellulite and wish to reduce it, you may be a good candidate for QWO if you have the following:

  • No skin laxity
  • Distinct cellulite dimples
  • Significant overweight issues
  • Moderate to severe cellulite (for females)
  • Bothered by the effects of cellulite on your appearance
  • Undergone liposuction or CoolSculpting for fat reduction but still have cellulite
  • Realistic expectations for QWO Cellulite treatment as to reduce dimpling, not eliminate it

How Does QWO Cellulite Work?

As an injectable medication, QWO Cellulite treatment consists of enzymes that dissolve collagen. The fibrous bands that create cellulite are composed of collagen. QWO Cellulite is injected into each cellulite dimple. This way, the product is placed in and around the fibrous collagen bands that cause each dimple.

It is hypothesized that QWO targets the underlying cause of cellulite by breaking down these fibrous collagen bands. The bands, once dissolved, release their hold on the skin allowing the cellulite dimples to disappear or decrease in depth.

Loosening the fibrous bands allows fat cells to reposition themselves, making the skin appear smoother and more even. This process is the proposed mechanism of how QWO Cellulite works. The exact science by which QWO works to treat cellulite is not fully understood yet.

The Treatment

QWO Cellulite treatment is short. It is done in the office, and there is no downtime. The basic steps of QWO treatments:

  • Identify the cellulite dimples as the patient stands, sometimes flexing and relaxing their muscles.
  • Each dimple is marked with a nonpermanent skin marker.
  • The injection areas are then cleaned with alcohol.
  • The marked cellulite dimples are injected with QWO using a tiny needle.

Frequently Asked Questions About QWO Cellulite

“How is QWO administered?”

QWO Cellulite treatment is a precise, odorless water-like mixture that is injected through tiny needles into the dimples responsible for creating the appearance of cellulite.

“When will I start seeing the results from QWO injections?”

A few patients will notice results as early as one month after the first injections. The full effects of three (3) QWO Cellulite treatments will occur one to two months after the third set of injections. This period equates to about 10-14 weeks after the first treatment.

“Where can I have QWO injected?”

QWO Cellulite has been FDA-approved to treat dimples or cellulite on the buttocks. However, routinely, patients have voiced concerns of contour irregularity and cellulite on the back of their thighs. It is an off-label treatment area that practitioners can do as well.

“How long does QWO last?”

As a treatment, QWO Cellulite is relatively new to the market of aesthetic medicine. No long-term follow-up studies have been completed at this point. You can expect your QWO results to last at least one year, but most likely, much longer.

“Is there any recovery or downtime needed? How long is it?”

The downtime after QWO treatment is minimal. It is common to have tenderness and to swell at the injection sites. For a few days after treatments, you’ll receive a reminder that you had injections each time you sit down.

Most patients have significant bruising after treatments. The bruising occurs after each injection session but tends to lessen with each subsequent treatment. You won’t want to wear a bathing suit for a few weeks after receiving QWO Cellulite injections due to the bruising. Patients can resume their exercise routines and activities 24-48 hours after treatment.

“Are QWO injections painful?”

The pain from QWO Cellulite injections is mild. The level of discomfort is similar to Botox or filler injections. To ensure your comfort, you’ll be given the option of using a topical anesthetic to numb the area. This step adds about 30-45 minutes to the treatment time.

Final Thoughts on QWO Cellulite Treatments

While QWO Cellulite treatment is currently only FDA-approved for use on the buttocks, it is being tested on the back of the thighs and has shown realistic improvement to a previously hard-to-treat concern. Despite the deep bruising and discomfort for a few days, the process is quick, and the results are accurate.

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