What Are The Benefits Of Our Weight Management Membership?

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How many times have you tried to manage your weight and feel your best? 

How many fad diets, “healthy” pills, fitness workout trends and gym memberships have you tried and quit because they didn’t show the results you hoped for? 

The health and fitness market is saturated with weight loss plans that promise to deliver but only if you push your bodies to the extreme. 

What can you do and how can you manage your weight in a healthy way? 

By partnering with our team at Resurgence Wellness and getting a weight management membership! 

What Is A Weight Management Membership? 

We don’t believe you should focus on extreme weight loss. We believe you should focus on having a healthy weight for YOUR individual self and managing it to keep it that way. 

That’s why we don’t call it a “weight loss membership” but instead a “weight management membership.” 

Weight management is all about shifting focus from weight loss to body happiness. 

It’s a way for you to enjoy your favorite foods and activities while incorporating health, fitness, and wellness. 

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What Are The Benefits That The Weight Management Membership Provides?

Have you ever seen two bodies that are exactly the same? No. 

So why are all the weight loss/management programs exactly the same? 

How will that benefit you? Simple. It doesn’t. 

Our weight management membership is uniquely designed for each individual and their needs. 

Consultation And Assessment

You’ll start out with a medical and wellness consultation. Our team will discuss your concerns, goals, genetic background, health history, and more to get the full picture. 

Blood work and DNA testing are also performed to get an inside look at your health. We may find hormonal imbalance, inflammation, or other issues that could cause you to not have your weight management under control and at a level you are happy with. 

Finally, you will have a Fit 3-D Body Scan that creates a 360-degree scan of your body that shows us body fat percentage, muscle mass, and more. 

Once those 3 steps have been completed (consultation, testing, and Fit 3-D Scan) our medical team will put together a specialized weight management program that allows you to live your best, healthiest and happiest life. 

Weight Management Membership Programs And Services

As a member of our weight management program you’ll enjoy: 

  • Weekly progress checks
  • Regular consultations with a professional medical team
  • Meal planning and exercise recommendations
  • 8 Skinny Shots per month
    • These shots help boost metabolism and support a healthy digestive system, maintain energy, and control cholesterol levels. 
  • Options for prescription supplements
  • Assistance and support with hormone replacement therapy 

You’ll also have access to our aesthetic, body sculpting, and regenerative medicine services because you’re right here in our medical wellness spa!  

Read our latest article, How Long Does Peptide Therapy Last, for insight into one of our regenerative medicine services! 

Want To Know More About Our Weight Management Membership? Contact Us Today! 

Our goal is to give you all the options and services to help you live your healthiest life. Let us help you own the day together. 

We enjoy serving DFW area residents and visitors and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality services available. 

If you’re ready to make a commitment to a healthier you, it’s time to schedule a consultation today! 


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