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If you’re searching for “wellness shots near me,” you’re obviously looking to up your health and wellness game. 

We think that’s great!

Here at Resurgence Wellness, we are more than just a “beauty” spa; We are a wellness center that offers a variety of skincare, body contouring, wellness, and holistic treatments designed to help you own the day and live a healthy, confident and beautiful life. 

One of the ways we help you achieve all of the above is through Wellness Shots.

Whether you are looking to help balance your hormones, enhance your hair, skin, and nails, kickstart your weight management program or simply feel better, a wellness shot is the right way to go! 

Anatomy Of A Wellness Shot

Since you’re already searching for “wellness shots near me,” you probably have a basic understanding of what it is. 

However, to reiterate, a wellness shot is an injection packed with vitamins and nutrients designed to jumpstart your body and health. 

A wellness shot is not IV therapy. IV therapy is a hydration treatment that helps to rejuvenate and replenish your body. 

These two treatments actually work very well together and can help give you optimal wellness results! 

Did you know that there are also different types of wellness shots? 

Types Of Wellness Shots

B12 Shot

The type of wellness shot that you might have heard of is a B12 shot

Vitamin B12 is beneficial in many aspects. 

B12 can help:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Increase concentration and focus
  • Improve metabolism
  • Improve sleep
  • Support healthy bones
  • Encourage healthy hair, skin, and nail growth. 

If you’re looking to get reenergized and reinvigorated, this is the shot you’re looking for. 

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Skinny Shot

The other wellness shot we offer is called the Skinny Shot

The Skinny Shot or MIC injection is incredible for weight management. 

MIC stands for: 

Methionine – Improves the digestive process and helps detox the liver (de-fats the liver). 

Inositol – Helps maintain electrolyte balance and transfers nutrients.

Choline – Assists weight control and aids in keeping balanced, healthy cholesterol levels.

MIC ingredients, along with vitamin B12, create the Skinny Shot and can help you on your weight management journey. 

Typically given twice a week, you’ll start to feel improvement in your overall health. You’ll have more energy, restful sleep, and improved metabolism, which all aid in your weight management goals. 

To read more about the difference between the two, read our article Skinny Shot vs. B12 Shot

Stop Searching For Wellness Shots Near Me And Call Resurgence Wellness

Stop searching for “wellness shots near me” because we have the solution. Here at Resurgence Wellness, we offer a variety of wellness, holistic, regenerative, and aesthetic treatments to help you own the day. 

From chiropractic care to hormone therapy to personalized facial treatments and weight management assistance, we have something to help everyone. 

You can combine multiple treatments to have a day of wellness at our medspa and start your wellness journey on the right foot!
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