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When we look in the mirror, we all want to look and feel our best.

Sometimes that look and feel are stifled by factors out of our control. We may find a new pimple or see more wrinkles than we did before. We may even see a few skin tags popping up as we age. 

Even though these problems aren’t detrimental to our health, they can be annoying, and irritating, and cause us to lose our self-confidence. 

Wrinkles and acne can be helped with the use of fillers, facials, and other aesthetic treatments, but what about skin tags? 

How do you know when it’s time to get one removed and what is the removal process? 

Well, you’ve come to the right article! We’ve got all the information on what to do when you have a skin tag and how to remove them safely and permanently! 

What Is A Skin Tag?

A skin tag is a piece of skin that protrudes from the body. It’s small and benign, meaning that there is no harm in it being there except that it can be bothersome to the person who has them. 

It is said that skin tags form from the friction created by skin rubbing together, which is why they are commonly found on necks, underarms, groins, and even eyelids. 

They are very common, and many people have multiple skin tags on their bodies. 

As we said, they aren’t harmful but can be bothersome and irritating. For example, the ones found on the underarms and groin can cause the most discomfort, the ones on the eyelids can keep you from seeing, blinking, or moving your eye correctly, and the ones on your neck can get snagged on clothing or jewelry. 

If you’re dealing with a skin tag that is becoming more of a nuisance, it’s time to get it removed. 

You can also remove them for purely aesthetic reasons if they make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in your skin. 

Regardless of the reason why you want to remove your skin tag, we here at Resurgence Wellness can help you remove them permanently. 

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Skin Tag Removal Process

Skin tag removal is done through the simple process of cryotherapy. We use a cryotherapy device to freeze the skin tag and remove it in a matter of seconds. 

You won’t have to worry about the ones that are removed growing back, either! 

There is no downtime or recovery time for this process, and you’ll be able to have it done on your lunch break! 

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Let us help you own the day and boost your confidence by removing your bothersome skin tags. 

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