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If you’ve found us after searching for “Wellness Shots near me,” you’ve come to the right place! 

Searching for Wellness Shots means you’re looking to change up your lifestyle in favor of a healthy one! That is the first step in health and wellness maintenance.  

The second step is figuring out your goals and needs to reach your healthiest lifestyle.  So how do you figure out what is best for YOU to succeed? There are varieties of weight loss programs, pills, supplements, and more crowding the shelves and social media pages that it can be challenging to know exactly what is suitable for you and your goals.  

Thankfully, you’ve found us! Here at Resurgence Wellness, we aim to provide you with the best services and treatments available to get you to your optimal and healthiest selves.  

We have an extensive Weight Management program that focuses on each individual.  Nobody is the same, so why should you be treated with the same program or supplements? We will take the time to analyze your lifestyle, body, and genetic makeup to see exactly how to help you reach your goals.  

In a past article, we talked about the B12 Shot Vs. the Skinny Shot and which one you should consider. Today’s article will discuss our Weight Management program, which includes our wellness shots, and how to incorporate our other services to get the optimal results you’re looking for! 

Full Circle Wellness

We understand that trying to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight can be difficult.  You constantly switch from new fad diet to fad diet or from workout craze to workout craze seeing little to no results.  What if we could help you get to your goal weight while still enjoying your current lifestyle? 

Take that energy and effort you have when you start a new diet or workout and try out our program. 

We take a 360-degree approach when it comes to customizing a program that works for you.  

Our process includes:

  1. In-depth consultation with a medical provider
  2. Blood work and DNA testing to identify genetic outliers, hormone imbalances, or other issues that might affect your health and weight. 
  3. Fit 3D body scan that creates a 360-degree body scan in less than a minute. It measures body fat, muscle mass, and more and is used as a cornerstone in making your personalized wellness plan. 

Once all three phases in the process are completed, you will have a tailored plan that focuses on how to become your healthiest self based on your body type, genetics, DNA, and goals.

Weight Management Membership 

We want you to get the most benefits from our program, which is why we encourage you to join our weight management program. As a member of our program, you will enjoy the benefits and results while also saving money.  

Included in your customized program, you’ll also get the following benefits:

  • Weekly progress checks with our Fit 3D machine
  • 8 Skinny Shots per month
  • Regular medical professional consultations
  • Meal planning and exercise recommendations, if needed
  • More than 50 options for prescription for appetite suppressants
    and monthly amino acids

Live Well with Resurgence Wellness

Along with our extensive weight management program and wellness services, we also offer IV Therapy which hydrates and detoxifies your body while replenishing it with nourishing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to function properly.  

We invite you to contact us at 817-904-3886 to schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated medical providers. 

Let us help you live well and own the day! 


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